It is no secret that once Christmas is officially over, Santa Claus returns to the North Pole for a well-deserved nap. But would you believe that as soon as the Peeps are properly positioned in all the baskets and the last of the colored eggs are hidden, the Easter Bunny celebrates another successful year by doing a little Indiana bar hoping?

For the past several months, bar patrons in Indianapolis have been partying with a drinking, smoking, karaoke legend known as Avery DrunkBunny. In fact, many of them have voiced concerns that the infamous Easter Bunny may be getting too old for all of this Easter business, as the six-foot tall holiday icon has been spotted many nights shuttling up and down the city streets in a wheelchair holding empty bottles of Coors Light.

Now, while it is apparent that this degenerate rabbit is really just a sick individual dressed in a bunny costume, the question remains: what kind of psychosis is coursing through the veins of the person that requires a bunny suit to get hammered drunk down at the local bar?

Well, come to find out, there are a couple of these twisted bunnies roaming around the Indianapolis area. Aside from the wheelchair rabbit that we have officially deemed “rock bottom” bunny, the real Avery DrunkBunny is actually a 30-year-old female insurance agent who simply prefers to go out drinking and dancing dressed up like some deranged character out of the Donnie Darko movie – Let’s call her Indy Drunko, as to not get confused.

According to Avery’s Facebook page, “I'm drunk and grumpy most of the time. I sh*t cotton candy and lay hardboiled eggs. I always wanted to be a model and love having my picture taken.” Sounds just like any other Indiana girl you’ve ever met, right?

Incidentally, even though Easter is now over, DrunkBunny says that she will continue to show up at random bars in the Indianapolis area. When asked how much money it would take for this drunken rabbit to show up at a bar here in Evansville, she replied, “That’s a lot of gas. Probably $200 to cover my too!”