Yes, that's the title of the event in which you can participate to help raise money for Tecumseh High School this Saturday.  It's easy, too!  Your simple test drive of a new car on the school property equates to $20 for the school!  Don't worry - there won't be any salesperson to put pressure on you to buy the car.  Just hop in, drive the car around the parking lot and raise money!  Plus there will be barbeque and a multifamily yard sale.  In other words, you get to drive, shop and eat! 

You may be asking why I'm blogging about this?  it's my daughter's high school and I want to help them out!  The entire event is being put on by the Parents and Teachers Helping Students school organization.

The hours for "Drive One 4 UR School Event" are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m this Saturday, April 12.  Tecumseh High School is located in northern Warrick County, just a couple of miles west of Lynnville.