I have written several blogs about the traffic lights in downtown Evansville and how maddening they can be, especially at 4am when nobody else is around. As we all know, the lights are on timers, not triggers, and most are synchronized. My question is whether or not the traffic flow is heavy enough for traffic lights, or would four-way stops work just fine? The main area of concerns for me are the intersections from 2nd Street and 6th, and between Court and Walnut.

Hitting all greens in that area is almost impossible; at least it sure feels that way. My favorite is waiting for what feels like an eternity at Third & Main, for example, to finally get a green, only to have to stop again at Third & Locust, which is only about 30 feet....UUUUUUGGGGHHHH!   Do you feel me?

That's another thing; in my opinion, with the fact they are so close together in that area, traffic can and does get pretty backed up at certain times. It seems to me the flow would be much better with four-way stop signs and would just be more efficient in terms of time spent waiting.

I should add that I am NOT advocating change, as much as I am simply asking a question. I know I'm not alone in this because people tell me all the time how frustrated they get driving through downtown.

Also, before everyone starts talking about the cost of removing the lights and replacing them with stop signs, we don't have to do that....just make the traffic lights flash red....so there. What do you think?