This morning, I ran across this post from Huffington Parents about showering or bathing with your children. I scanned the comments and most parents are okay with it for kids under four years of age.

I have a daughter who is under two and it is a real treat when I can shower or take a bath alone. She has a basket of toys in both our upstairs bathrooms - one is a bathtub in her sister's room and one is a shower only in our bedroom.

Sometimes, when I'm in a real hurry I'll even stick her in the shower with my husband. He's pretty freaked out by this but he doesn't have much of a choice in the matter when a bare-butted toddler comes barreling in. I remember him dressing in swim trunks to get in the bathtub when her when she was tiny.

So, I wanted to know if you guys shower or bathe with your kids and what age is it no longer appropriate?