The fiery crash at the end of the Nationwide Race yesterday left at least 28 spectators injured won't cause a delay in the Daytona 500. Track officials say that they have done everything necessary to make the track safe for today's start to the Sprint Cup Racing Series.

The 11car crash happened in the final moments of Saturday's race, sending parts of Kyle Larson's car flying into the stands. One wheel was sheered of and sent several rows into the stands. Smaller parts flew into the upper deck.

One factor that may have added to the failure of the fence is that the impact happened at the point in the fence where a gate allows spectators and staff to move from the stands to the track. The gate was eliminated in the overnight repairs.

According to Daytona track president, Joie Chitwood III, "If fans are unhappy with...their seating location or if they have any incidents, we would relocate them.."

Lawyers have already started discussing possible litigation and NASCAR and the Daytona Raceway are bracing for millions of dollars in lawsuits.