Just when I start to get depressed about this world and the future that is facing my children, I see a story like this and I realize that there might be hope for us after all. Caden and Conner Long are brothers that recently won the 2012 Sports Illustrated Sportskids of the Year award...and their story is definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Caden Long is a 6-year old boy with cerebal palsy...Conner is his 9-year old brother, and one of the neatest kids I've seen. Somewhere along the line the Long's discovered that Caden really enjoyed being pulled behind a bike and being pushed in a jogging stroller. So Conner decided to team up with his brother and compete in triathlons and other races...and at the same time raise awareness for kids with disabilities.

And as awesome as Conner is, let's also not forget about the parents here...they encouraged and supported these boys all the way. As you'll hear, they were actually encouraged to basically disregard Caden and write him off as a lost cause. They did the opposite. They celebrated his life, and showed their pride by putting him out there for all to see.