Cesar Millan, from the hugely popular Dog Whisperer TV show, stopped in Evansville on November 23, 2013, to give a performance at The Centre.

I know that Cesar has become a somewhat controversial figure, as anyone who attains his level of popularity inevitably does, but I’ll be honest in saying that I have not been familiar enough with his methods to form my own opinion. On this night, however, I did get a good idea of what he’s about.

He was very animated and entertaining, but more than that, he has a deep psychological understanding of how we humans relate and interact with dogs. He puts his thoughts and truths out there, and he has the ability to make a lot of common habits that humans have look absolutely ridiculous and hilarious.

At the same time, though, he made sobering points to help bring clarity in his message.

He talked about shelter adoptions and how there are huge rates of return because people don’t understand the commitment it takes or they just want a certain kind of dog without identifying with the personality of the animal that they are interesting in caring for.

He wants to help find a solution for the pet overpopulation problem, because shelter euthanization is wasting innocent lives as well as our tax dollars.

He spoke out against senseless breed restrictions, most commonly aimed at pit bulls.

His overall point that stuck with me was that as long as we have a strategy driven by ignorance and fear, the solution will never be realized. He even went as far to relate that point to our leaders in government, which received a resounding response of approval.

He emphasized using a different perspective to solve problems… For example, there was a question like, “How can I get my dog to stop barking at night?” His message was to instead look at it like, “What am I NOT doing that’s causing my dog to bark at night?”

In that type of situation, he says that physical exercise is usually the key factor. Simple as that. (Hint: If more humans exercised, there would be a lot less barking going on between us as well…)

Cesar also did a brief live demonstration with some animals and helpers from It Takes a Village Canine Rescue, which was really cool to watch. Right before our eyes, he addressed the behavioral issues and the demeanor of the animals changed in a matter of seconds.

Everyone in the audience, including myself, was thoroughly impressed.

After wrapping up all the points he came to make, he ended with one of my favorite quotes from Gandhi…

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Keep doing your thing, Cesar!


Looks like Cesar and his crew got their Cracker Barrel on and wanted to show that Indiana rocks.