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What Prehistoric Animals Lived in Evansville?
My kiddo is sick today... like the kind sick where all she wants to do is lay around and watch TV. I've had enough Peppa Pig so I found a movie. One of my favorites is The Good Dinosaur. We've seen it about a dozen times but that's okay - I still laugh and cry!
As I worked and had it playing in the b…
Rex Robinson Visual Art Center (Shaped by Faith)
Shaped by Faith guest Rex Robinson is an incredibly gifted artist and sculptor who recently opened up a Visual Art Center in downtown Owensboro. Rex is using his God designed talents and sharing them with the our community and the world. His creativity is beyond inspiring and as we talked I cou…
Four Summer Scams To Be Cautious Of
Scams. They are out there like crazy. Annoying phone calls from numbers you don't know, IRS scams, credit card/student loan debt scams, the list goes on. This summer, however, be on the lookout for a few more scams.

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