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Things You Must Know Before Playing Pokemon Go!
The newest craze taking over smartphones is the Pokemon Go! This app allows users to capture Pokemon using the real environment around them, but it has cause several issues already. Here are some things you NEED to know while playing Pokemon Go!
A Wine For Cats, Finally!! What?
Who hasn't wanted to share a glass of wine with your cat? What?? A glass of wine with your cat??? #saidnooneever Or, have they?? Somebody did cause now there is a wine for cats. #hmmmmmmm
Where Was Tomato Juice Invented? The Tri- State!
Love tomato juice, especially when It is mixed with vodka, pepper and a stalk of celery! ;-) We can also love it because we had the FIRST glass! Tomato juice was invented right here in the Tri-State at a world renowned hotel!

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