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The CF Snowbirds Show Owensboro KY Love on Twitter
The Owensboro Air Show was last weekend over the beautiful riverfront. Although weather messed up Friday night, the CF Snowbirds and other air show pilots were able to WOW the crowd on Saturday AND Sunday. As the Snowbirds were leaving Owensboro, they showed their love for the incredible city.
How Hot is Too Hot For the Fall Festival?
Thursday could be a day that you need too wear not only sunscreen but a space suit to the Westside Nut Club's Fall Festival so you can protect yourself from the elements! Take a look at this weather forecast. HAHAHA!!!
The Licki Brush: Would You Lick Your Cat? [Video]
I love my cat Oprah.  And, yes.  That's her name.  Really, I do.  She's fun to take naps with.  And I don't mind petting her when she jumps up on the arm of the chair and nudges my hand.  I love her so much that will actually change her food constantly because she's so darn picky.  And only love is …

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