Here’s What The Tri-State Roads Are Like this Morning
The snow continues to fall in the tri-state. In a few northern areas, snow is falling at five inches an hour! Whoa!
Here's what our contacts our saying about the road conditions!
We currently have 131 #YellowTrucks out. Remember Snow Fighters drive routes that take 2-3 hours to complete
What You Need To Know About Winter Forecasts
It seems that we LIVE for the weather forecast. But, whether it be severe weather or winter weather, it can change at any minute. A forecast is just that, a forecast, a possibility. The National Weather Service has given us some guidelines to follow if your forecast changes. #beprepared
Remembering The Pre-Christmas Snowstorm Of 2004
This morning, I was reminded of what the weather was like twelve years ago right before Christmas, it was brutal. We rarely see a white Christmas around these parts, but in 2004, holiday travel was at a snail's pace or a standstill. Oh, what a ride!

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