State of Indiana Considering Options for Making Up Snow Days
This winter's ice and snow affects anyone with kids in the household, plus adults who work in any of the school corporations.  Since both of my kids are still in public schools and Jenny teaches in one, we are affected by the snow days that will have to be made up.  Interestingly enough, one of the …
Will a Biological Blight Bottom Out the Banana Bunch?
I like to eat bananas occasionally and I like them well enough, but I wouldn't say that I'm a banana lover.  If you are a banana lover, this news may greatly disturb you.  (It certainly is bad enough to make the monkeys go ape!)  There is currently a blight on bananas in Asia that has now been found…
The Story of the Christmas Candy Cane
When people in Europe began making decorations for their Christmas trees, many of the decorations were already made from food, including cookies and candy.  Straight, white sticks of sugar candy, called candy canes, became a favorite decoration around the 17th century.
Cancer Fighting Fundraiser for Addisen Newman
8 year-old Addisen Newman has a smile that could outshine a fully lighted Christmas tree!  During this season of giving, Addisen and her family hope that you'll help her in her fight against a rare cancer called Wilms tumor, a cancer that begins in a child's kidney.  Currently Addisen is in Riley Ho…

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