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Indiana State Police Say Efforts to Stop Meth Are Not Working
The Indiana meth epidemic is still running rampant, with Indiana State Police saying that not only are statewide meth lab busts on the rise, but policing efforts on the sale of ingredients to make the drug are no longer working.
What’s worse is that now rather than the manufacturing of methamphetamin…
Chamberlain Farms Recalls Watermelons as a Precaution
Melon madness continues in southwestern Indiana, as Chamberlain Farms, recently blamed for a devastating outbreak of salmonella in cantaloupes, announced plans to recall its watermelons, as they continue to work with government officials to locate the definite source of this foodborne illness...
Indiana Residents Could Win Cash to Quit Smoking
Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows just how hard it can be to put down that nasty habit for a month, much less forever.
However, in October, a month is all you will need to possibly win $2,500, as Indiana health officials plan to challenge those Hoosiers trying to shake the nicotine monk…

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