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Indiana May Test New Highway Ramp Design
Indiana may be one of the next states to test out a new highway ramp design that could cut down on construction costs as well as lend itself to easier travel.
According to reports from the Indiana Department of Transportation, plans are currently being discussed to build a diverging diamond interchan…
Indiana Lawmakers Want Stricter Smoking Ban
There is little to no chance that health advocates will be able to apply enough pressure to Indiana lawmakers in order to warrant an extension of the statewide smoking ban to include neighborhood watering holes.
Although, some lawmakers, like Indiana representative Charlie Brown, believe that a tough…
Three Kentucky Men Charged With Torture and Dismemberment
Three men from northern Kentucky were charged on Wednesday with the kidnapping, torture and dismemberment of another man in their attempt to “rid the world of the evil in it.”
According to the Boone County sheriff’s department, 19-year old Daniel Delfin (a suspected heroin dealer) w…
Indiana Students Could Be Required to Learn Cursive Writing Again
Cursive writing could be making a resurgence inside the Indiana classroom.
That is because Hoosier lawmakers recently introduced a bill that, if passed, would make it mandatory for all public school districts and accredited private elementary schools to teach cursive as part of their curriculum...

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