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Indiana Farmer Loses Patent Dispute With Monsanto
The elderly, Indiana farmer that had been going toe-to-toe in a patent dispute with agriculture-giant Monsanto has officially lost his battle.
In a ruling handed down today by Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, the verdict states that a farmer cannot reproduce patented seeds through planting and harv…
Indiana Military Museum Plans Grand Opening At New Location
History enthusiasts will soon get to enjoy the Indiana Military Museum’s new location, as the facility is preparing for its grand opening at the end of the month.
According to a press release, the Indiana Military Museum will celebrate the completion of their move from outside of Vincennes to a…
Farm Animals Are Being Butchered Along the Indiana-Ohio Border
Indiana authorities say they are baffled as to what type of maniac is responsible for killing four sheep and mangling several others on farms along the Indiana-Ohio border.
Earlier this week, David and Brittany Kolb of Reilly Township found two of their horses and four of their sheep hacked up and st…
What Are the Best Small Companies in Indiana?
There are some great places to work in Indiana; however, some are obviously better than others. So, in order to settle the score of who are the best employers in the state, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce has released their list of the best companies to work for in the Hoosier workforce.
Remains Dating Back to the Ice Age Discovered in Indiana
Animal bones, possibly dating as far back as the ice age, were recently discovered beneath the Binkley Cave system in Southern Indiana.
The well-preserved collection of animal skeletons is "one of the largest and best preserved deposits of Ice Age bones yet discovered in Indiana," s…

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