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New Report Finds Homeless Indiana Military Veterans on the Rise
The number of homeless Indiana military vets is on the rise, according to a new report.
The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority says that recent data indicates the state has experienced a 12 percent growth in homeless veterans, bringing the total to almost 745. Unfortunately, this spi…
Indiana Children Obesity Rates Remain Unchanged
While child obesity may be a heavy subject in Indiana, there is new data that suggests that the Hoosier “fat kid” isn't sliming down. However, the good news is he doesn't appear to be getting any heavier either.
According to research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been a …
Southern Indiana is Getting a New Area Code
It was announced today by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission that Southern Indiana will be incorporating new area code 930 into new phone subscribers due to the shortage of 812 numbers.
This change is considered an "overlay" which means only new subscribers will receive the new area …
Indiana Fines Doubled For Hoosiers Parking In Disabled Spots
Illegally parking in a space designated for disabled motorists will now cost you double in the state of Indiana.
Earlier last week, a new state law took effect that makes parking in a disabled spot without a permit an infraction that can result in a fine of $100 instead off the $50 citation that had …
Indiana Releases School Bus Inspection Reports Online
Do you want to make sure your children's school bus is safe? If it resembles the picture above, we think you should be.
In all seriousness, Indiana officials have completed their annual inspection of area school buses used in transporting children to public and private schools - those resul…
Indiana Woman Becomes the Voice of OnStar Navigation
If you need of directions, you just might be getting a little Hoosier hospitality the next time you use your navigation system.
That’s because General Motors has begun phasing in 48-year-old Diane Williamson of New Albany, Indiana as the new voice for the popular OnStar navigation and safety fe…

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