Wright’s Berry Farm in Newburgh Offers Summer/Fall Produce!
Fresh garden tomatoes... the thought of the plump, juicy, red deliciousness turns me into Pavlov's dogs. And you just can't duplicate them in a green house.
I didn't have time to get down to the Historic Newburgh Farmer's market this weekend, so I found an alternative in Newburgh …
9 Facts About Indiana You Probably Didn’t Know
Now that Indiana Governor Mike Pence has been named as Donald Trump's running mate, the national spotlight is shining on our great state. Here are some interesting facts about the Hoosier state that you most likely didn't learn in school.
Exercise While You Work! (Shaped by FAITH)
Shaped by Faith radio guest Shelda Payne, is an Assistant Controller at Riney Hancock CPA’s. I asked Shelda on my program so that she could share her success story of how she has lowered her Cholesterol and Tryiglyceride levels, improved her kidney function and is so much h…

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