NEW – Body Found at Central High School Has Been Identified [UPDATE]
Police activity was reported at Central High School this morning (Jan. 3) a little after 7am. At this point, this what we know. The Vanderburgh County Coroner has confirmed that the male victim was a student that has been identified. Follow the order of events, as they played out and get the latest …
Top Baby Names From 2016
If you named your child Sophia or Jackson in 2016, expect to have some other kids on the playground or in the classroom with the same name! Those were the top Girls and Boys names for 2016! Check out the rest of the Top Baby Names of 2016
What To Do If You See a Drunk Driver
It's New Year's Eve and many people will be celebrating with alcohol. The Indiana State Police are reminding you what to do if you see a possible drunk driver! #dontdrinkanddrive #beadesignateddriver
What You Need To Know About Winter Forecasts
It seems that we LIVE for the weather forecast. But, whether it be severe weather or winter weather, it can change at any minute. A forecast is just that, a forecast, a possibility. The National Weather Service has given us some guidelines to follow if your forecast changes. #beprepared
The Twin Bridges Aren’t Really Twins
Well, they could be paternal twins since they don't look exactly alike. But, if the NB bridge is 84 years old and the SB bridge is 50 years old this year, are they REALLY twins at all???? LOL Not really! See the history behind the bridges!

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