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Amazing Video of Kid Learning He’s a Big Brother
Watch this amazing video of this kid, Logan, learning that he is about to become a big brother. His reaction is amazing!
He's asked by his parents to read a script for the first time for a home video. He reads about their planned vacation in Myrtle Beach and then reads the big news:
…And a…
Pigging Out on Pork will Pick Your Pocket
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about why gas prices are going up and how that would be hitting everyone’s wallet.  Now, the cost of men’s favorite meat in the world(!) will be rising, as well.  Ask any man what his favorite meat is, and he’ll most likely answer “pork,” or as I like to refer to it, “…
Nestle Recalls Two Types of Hot Pockets
Nestle announced recall of two types of Hot Pockets Philly Steak and Cheese products after a meat recall notice by the Rancho Feeding Corporation. They are unfit for human consumption.
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rancho Feeding Corporation recalled 8...

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