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Limbaugh Under Attack. Again.
Does Rush Limbaugh plant phony callers on his show, so as to get a certain viewpoint across that might not get aired otherwise? So think some of his biggest critics. Or, at least, they say they do. Talkers Magazine has the details:
Dave Ramsey Gets Key To Oklahoma City!
One of WGBF's most popular hosts is that man from Nashville, Dave Ramsey, who's been holding down the morning drive slot on NewsTalk 1280 for some years now has been on the road again with his traveling economic salvation show and recently packed 'em in in Oklahoma City. Rob Adair, CO…
Important WGBF Programming Changes!
Responding to many, many requests over the past two years for more live programming, starting on Monday, 2/7, and continuing on weekdays TFN, here’s the new NewsTalk 1280 WGBF program schedule:
California Politician Says: Boycott Limbaugh!
A California State Senator, Leland Yee, has been receiving threatening messages by fax ever since criticizing Rush Limbaugh's pidgin Chinese remarks on his radio program last week. Rush, in his usual non-politically-correct manner, was poking fun at the Chinese President's remarks during h…
Doug Stephan’s Good Day: On The Road
Doug Stephan, host of NewsTalk 1280's early morning show, "Good Day," heard weekdays at 5am, is on the road, looking for warmer weather and friendly radio affiliates to visit on his trek to the west coast from his Massachusetts farm. Along for the ride is his trusty dog, Charl…
Tucson Tragedy: Targeting Talk Radio
The after effects of the Tucson mass murder continue to be felt in the Talk Radio world as the moderate Republican Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee bans all state workers from appearing on any talk radio program.
Sean Hannity Today: Tucson Tragedy
As the entire country struggles with the why and how of the Tucson shooting rampage allegedly perpetrated by an imbalanced and confused loner, the "Sean Hannity Show" today on WGBF has scheduled a special guest:

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