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Kentucky Man Survives on Raw Meat for Past Five Years [VIDEO]
The mystery of the Kentucky chupacabra may now be solved. That’s because while wildlife officials have been scouring the state in search for something resembling a devil dog, that famers claim have been mauling their livestock, it turns out that it all of that carnage could have been…
Kentucky Shoppers Get Some Live Action When Deer Runs Into Store
Shoppers at a Kentucky grocery outlet got themselves a little Live Action earlier this week when a deer decided to come running into the store and stir up some excitement.
According to reports, surveillance cameras at the Kroger grocery in Newport, Kentucky captured the wild beast entering the store …
Kentucky Bourbon Trail Releases New Smartphone App
Hey, there’s an app for Jack...and now there is an app for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, as well.
According to a news release from the Kentucky Distillers Association, the organization recently released a free app on the Apple iTunes store and on their website that will help guide people interested in …

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