5 Dumb Kentucky Laws You May Be Breaking Right Now
Every state has thousands of pages of laws that have been compiled over the years, many of which make total sense and are still viable in today's society. However, there are others that somehow managed to find their way into the books that make no sense in today's society (or in any o…
What To Do When Your Dishwasher Smells [Video]
This is my friend Caroline.  And she has a problem.  She thinks her dishwasher smells like her cat climbed inside it and used it as a sandbox.  Clearly, that cat looks guilty.  But, since it's clearly dry, that obviously didn't happen. But Caroline's problem is a c…
EPD Playing Games With Citizens! [WATCH]
We love the EPD and love seeing them interact with the people they serve. Outside of seeing them at Coffee with a Cop, They are always willing to go the extra mile to connect with the people of Evansville!

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