Twinkies Could Be Making a Comeback!
Yippe yi-o ki-ay!  Twinkie the Kid may be resurrected from the dead soon!  If you're a Twinkie lover, then rejoice because it appears that Hostess Brands may have an investment firm or two interested in buying the Twinkie rights.
Apollo 11 Engine Gives Hope for Future U.S. Space Travel
The bad news is, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has lost a bunch of funding the past few years and the space shuttles have been scuttled.  Where do we go from here with space travel?  What will be the mode of space travel, if any, for the future?  This is where the …
LST 325 Sails to Texas for Routine Maintenance
The LST 325 will set sail for Port Arthur, Texas at 10am on Monday, where the ship will be in dry dock for six weeks to undergo routine maintenance and repairs. The ship is scheduled to return to Evansville in about two months.
Evansville, Pictures of the Past
If you find history absolutely fascinating, you should check out this new Facebook site that I found today. It’s called Evansville, Pictures of the Past. It is packed with local photos with everything from the Trains of Evansville, Evansville Diners, Civic Buildings, People, etc...

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