Indiana Wants Public Body Prayers to Acknowledge Christianity
Indiana wants the U.S. Supreme Court to permit prayers that subscribe to specific religious affiliations to be recited prior to all public government assemblies. In an attempt to make this happen, the Indiana attorney general’s office signed a friend-of-the-court memo earlier last week asking the U.…
Indiana Military Museum Plans Grand Opening At New Location
History enthusiasts will soon get to enjoy the Indiana Military Museum’s new location, as the facility is preparing for its grand opening at the end of the month.
According to a press release, the Indiana Military Museum will celebrate the completion of their move from outside of Vincennes to a…
Remains Dating Back to the Ice Age Discovered in Indiana
Animal bones, possibly dating as far back as the ice age, were recently discovered beneath the Binkley Cave system in Southern Indiana.
The well-preserved collection of animal skeletons is "one of the largest and best preserved deposits of Ice Age bones yet discovered in Indiana," s…

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