Love Isn’t Found in the Origins of Valentine’s Day
It's amazing how this particular day transformed itself into a day for lovers, since the name Valentine, although connected to three different historical saints and martyrdom, is also connected to a tragic event of spilled blood called, the Valentine's Day Massacre which occurred on the st…
The Story of the Christmas Candy Cane
When people in Europe began making decorations for their Christmas trees, many of the decorations were already made from food, including cookies and candy.  Straight, white sticks of sugar candy, called candy canes, became a favorite decoration around the 17th century.
17 Freebies For Veterans Day 2013
For Veterans Day 2013 many restaurants are offering free meals on Monday Nov. 11. It may just be me, but I think that the list is longer this year.
To take advantage of the deals, be sure to have proof of service.
Evansville Planning Welcome Home for LST 325
Mayor Lloyd Winnecke will proclaim Monday, September 23, 2013, as “LST 325 Homecoming Day” in Evansville, and the barge where the Landing Ship Tank (LST) docks most of the year will be repainted this week in preparation for the return of Evansville’s warship from an annual fundrais…
50,000-Year-Old Skeleton Found In Southern Indiana Cave
What a bone-a-fide discovery.
Researchers say they have discovered the nearly intact skeleton of a 50,000-year-old animal with pig like features inside a Southern Indiana cave.
According to reports, crews from the Indiana State Museum found the remains of the creature earlier this week after digging i…

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