What Breed is the iPhone Dog Emoji?
There are two dog emojis which look a bit different than what you might think of as a typical dog. Here in the USA, labs, golden retrievers, and now pit bull and doodle mixes kind of rule, but the dog featured doesn't look like any of these dogs. The emoji dogs have pointed ears, a curly tail, …
12 Shelter Dogs of Christmas – Raven [Senior Pit Bull Mix]
Raven is a polite house guest in her foster home and goes to the door to do her potty business. All 80+ pounds of her enjoys playing with the resident Beagle. The two pals frolic and share toys while Raven has adapted the rules of the house. Raven is so well behaved, she isn't crated when left …
12 Shelter Dogs of Christmas – Sophia [Pointer Mix]
Sophia's foster parents brag about how beautiful Sophia is - she's a very lovable and affectionate gal! She is house-trained and she enjoys leash walks. Sophia is good with kids and people. Her foster mom reports that she definitely has Pointer in her because she has seen Sophia do the &qu…
12 Shelter Dogs of Christmas – Smokey [Boxer]
Smokey is believed to be a full-blooded Boxer. Smokey loves toys, and particularly loves balls. Grab a ball to play with and Smokey will be your new best friend. In fact, when Smokey goes on walks, he loves to carry a ball or toy with him!

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