In the wake of recent threats of gun violence, Warrick County School Corporation officials say they are taking extra security precautions as the first day of the new school year rapidly approaches.

The threat that has so many parents, students and school officials concerned is a recent Facebook post by a Castle High School student that reads:

First day of school going to be great guys! Most of you will see me raise the weapon, but let's see how many of you can out run the bullet. Castle high here I come." The student then commented on this post, saying "The funny part is most of you take this as a joke.

At Monday’s Warrick County School Board meeting, it was standing room only as frightened parents nervously inquired about whether the student who made the threat would be allowed to actually come to school and what measures have been taken to prevent the kid from walking into the school and spraying it with gunfire.

Warrick County Superintendent Brad Schneider said that while they are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of the students at Castle High School, “there’s no 100 percent guarantees in life.”

Last week, a letter went out from Schneider and Castle High School principal Andy Byers addressing the threat.

"We want everyone to know that the School Corp. is taking this threat seriously," the letter stated. "We are working closely with the Warrick County Sheriff's Department and other county agencies to ensure a safe start to the 2012-2013 school year. School safety is, and always has been, our top priority at the Warrick County School Corp."

Due to privacy laws and the threatening student being a minor, school officials were not able to divulge specific details of the case.

The Warrick County Sherriff’s Department says that no arrests have been made.