-by Nikki Davis

I am an avid runner and walker, and as I am out and about, more often than not, I’ve noticed Mayor Lloyd Winnecke’s wife, Carol McClintock, along the Greenway’s riverfront section. Sometimes she is by herself. Other times she is with a group of folks, but always, she is doing her part in keeping Evansville beautiful! So I wanted to find out more…

When asked how often McClintock picks up litter, she shares, “I am usually out at least 4 days a week in the mornings. I have a group that starts at 5:45 [a.m.] during the week and 7 [a.m.] on Saturday and Sunday.” In terms of where they cover, she states, “During the week we walk from Main, west, all the way to Lamasco Park. Weekends, we walk east on the Greenway to Sunset Park, and then loop back along First Street. We like to walk to Sunset on the weekends because then we can pick up along the way, and also in Sunset Park.”

She encourages other community members to play their part, too. She notes, “Other people can just pick up trash where they see it. We like to encourage people to pick up three pieces of trash a day. We do have organized Clean Evansville on the first Saturday of each month. To volunteer, you can call KEB (Keep Evansville Beautiful), at 812-425-4461 or email mmcgarrah@keepevansvillebeautiful.org.

While not an Evansville native (she’s originally from Indianapolis), McClintock came to the area with her first job as Program Manager/Education Specialist with Wesselman Park Nature Center. She shares that she has stayed in Evansville because of the people, calling them “the friendliest, most giving people in the world.”

In closing, she notes that “We all can make a difference in our community by picking up a piece of trash each day, encouraging others to do so as well. A clean community helps promote community pride. We have a great deal to be thankful for in Evansville.”