This morning, we were greeted with a giant green cake in our office! What's the occasion? Sunday, August 11, 2013 is National 'Call Before You Dig' day!

Have a project in cue that requires digging more than a foot down? At least two business days before starting that project, call 811 to have someone come out and check for utility lines. Just don't call 911!
Provide the 811 operator with the following information:

  • County, city or township
  • Digging location (street address and nearest cross street)
  • Type and extent of work
  • Digging start date and time

After calling 811:

  • Red - Electric
  • Yellow - Gas, oil or steam
  • Blue - Water
  • Orange - Telephone - CATV
  • Green - Sewer
  • Purple - Reclaimed water
  • Pink - Temporary survey markings
  • White - Proposed construction
  • Wait two full business days before beginning the digging.
  • Do not remove the flags, stakes or paint marks until you have finished digging.
  • Julie is calling before 'digging in' - Townsquare Media