An owl had a harrowing experience in Burdette park early Tuesday morning. Park workers spotted the owl dangling from a tree branch about 35 feed up. The owl had a fishing hook caught in its wing and the fishing wire was tangled on the branch. The owl was hovering over a pond on the park.

Burdette Park employee, Jimmy Carrigan climbed the 35 feet up to cut off the branch the owl was attached to. Then other employees fished the owl out of the water. The veterinarian that treated the owl stated that the owl was going to be okay.

It's good to know that there are people out there who will help out a "stranger" in need. Without the kindness of others, this owl would have inevitably met his doom. We are also urging those who fish in area ponds and lakes to be sure to take their fishing gear with them. Hooks are routinely extracted from water foul in the area.