Bud Light is doing something so amazing, so awesome, that any football/beer fan would be in heaven! They are putting 37,000 GOLDEN BEER CANS inside of their cases through December and January.  If you find one, you have to take a selfie with it and post it on social media.

Now, six of those people will win season tickets to their favorite NFL team, and one person will win Super Bowl tickets for LIFE.  Well, technically 51 years, according to the rules....but still, I think that's plenty of games for a lifetime!

It's odd...I feel like something like this could be a movie. Picture this:

A company- let's say a chocolate factory, sends out five unique wrapped candy bars and five lucky people will get the chance to tour the facility....but what they don't know is that one person will be in charge of that factory in the end!

.....You're right...that would never work as a movie.