When I was a kid, I often looked up at the stars and wondered about life that might exist on other worlds out in space. When I became a teacher in an elementary school and taught science, I would have at least one student (usually several) every year that would ask me if I thought there was other life in space. With the establishment in 2013 that there are 40 billion other habitable planets like Earth, it has only reinforced my lifelong belief that there are other living beings in the universe.

Whether you take the scientific approach to the universe or you take the Biblical approach, both would logically support other life. Think about it. Scientifically the proper conditions are there. 40 billion other Earths? There’s gotta be life. Biblically, are we God’s only experiment in a universe that’s so astronomically huge that our minds can’t even fathom it? C’mon, do you think God would make us and then rest on his haunches until the end of time? That would be too boring for an omnipotent being. Certainly he has other projects going.

The other “Earths” in space are, according to astronomers, about the same size as our Earth, rocky (instead of ice and gas), and have atmospheres containing water. If there’s ANY truth to this, then the life that’s out there may even resemble humans – WOW! So now it seems that the question is no longer, “Is there other life out there?” but rather, “What KIND of life is out there and when will we meet them?” Time will undoubtedly and eventually provide the answer.