That's right...the two topics covered on today's edition of Wednesdays With Winnecke were the new Tin Man Brewery, and what the city is doing to prepare to keep our roads safe this winter.

Segment one (audio is below) featured our conversation with Nick Davidson, owner of Tin Man Brewery on Franklin Street.

  • We discussed last week's grand opening
  • The restoration of their building on Franklin Street
  • The origin of the name/brand
  • What types of products are available right now
  • November 28th - Segment 1

    Our guest for segment two was Todd Robertson, Executive Director of Transportation & Services.

  • Mr. Robertson discussed what he and his crew are doing now to prepare for any potential inclement weather and how to keep the roads safe.
  • He explains the solution used to pre-treat the roads and how it helps keeps the roads clear.
  • November 28th - Segment 2