Since a wee little lad, I, like many people young and old have dreamed of traveling to the far reaches of space. Heck, I'd settle with orbiting the Earth if that got me a ticket into space. Well, for my fellow couch astronauts, I'd like to present to you a way to leave this Earth and become a part of space history. Well, sort of.

The Mars Science Laboratory is a new satellite lander that will be launched in late-November - mid-December to Mars that will do some more research in regards to whether Mars once supported life in it's past or if it can support simple forms of life. Now, you may be asking, "Where's the seat at?" "I can't fit on that thing!" Well, I didn't say what part of you will be going to Mars earlier. Right now, if you would like your name, zip code and country to be included on a microchip that will be going to Mars when the Laboratory is launched, you can visit the JPL's website here. So, you may not get to Mars in person, however, at least your name will!