Once in a while, a news release drops into my inbox that is so...unlikely, weird or just plain super-silly, I HAVE to pass it along. Everybody likes bacon, right?

J&D’s Bacon Croutons are the single most important development in the advancement of salad flavor technology since Robert H. Cobb added bacon and eggs to a late night salad at the Hollywood Brown Derby in the 1930’s thereby creating the world’s first “Cobb Salad”.  Yes, bacon flavored croutons are that big of a deal.  Bacon Croutons combine the great taste of bacon with the perfect crunch of super-premium gourmet croutons in a kosher and vegan delicious little bite of heaven.  So you’re welcome America, you’re welcome. 
Bacon Croutons are available now at Walmart.
Let’s all celebrate together.  We’d love to have you try Bacon Croutons!  If you’re interested please email us at 
passthebacon@baconsalt.com and be sure to include your address and contact info.  
One more thing, we’re building a space shuttle (not kidding) and we’ll be launching a payload of American bacon into space, where it will briefly orbit the planet, re-enter the earth’s atmosphere and return safely to us thereby creating the world’s first Space Bacon which we will then share with all mankind…or whoever bids the most on eBay.  Our launch of SpaCon 1 is still TBD but America we promise you one thing – The J&D’s Foods BASA program will win the global bacon-space race. 
Oh, what does actor Kevin Bacon have to do with all of this? Nothing. I couldn't find a nice pic of bacon frying, but DID find the above rather creepy photo of Kevin. So there.