Without the extinction of the dinosaurs, mammals, specifically humans, never could have risen to the top of the food chain because WE would have been the food for many of the (carnivorous) dinosaurs.  We can thank an asteroid for that.  Now another asteroid threatens to collide with Earth.  Are we to become extinct, too?According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, a smaller asteroid than the one to kill the dinosaurs is expected to pass (relatively) amazingly close to the Earth; closer to the Earth than the moon is in its orbit!  This dangerously close "near miss" is expected to occur within 17,000 miles of our planet at approximately 1:24 (CT) this Friday morning.  17,000 miles may seem like a lot, but in space terms, it's dangerously very close!

I'm not planning to panic because, after all, there's really almost nothing that you or I can do about a catastrophic event, such as an asteroid colliding with the Earth.  If you think about it, a collision like that...well, the old saying goes, "Stick your head between your legs and kiss your ___ goodbye."

No collision is expected, thank goodness, and I'm planning to get up the next day as usual, but I WILL be monitoring the situation just to see if I need to pray extra hard Thursday night!