While long a staple on major market radio dials, all-news radio has never made much of an impact outside the top 50 cities - places like New York, L.A. and Chicago. But there's a growing belief that technological changes in radio and the internet, and cultural changes in the country's population might make local all-news a viable format in smaller markets like Evansville someday. Here's one man's opinion in Talkers Magazine:

TRN president of programming Phil Boyce believes that people trapped in their cars seek information and the battle in coming years is going to be over the dashboard. “People will be able to listen to anything they want on Wi-Fi [but] they’re more likely to stay with you rather than that faraway thing on the internet if your station covers news, traffic and weather better than anyone else. It’s smart business to keep that in mind.”

In the future, could Evansville see not only NewsTalk 1280 WGBF on its radio dial, but a station doing all-local and national news plus weather, and maybe another signal that is just local and national sports? The spoken word radio formats can only grow, as the ways listeners can access music in their cars grows. What's your opinion?