Once I got past the bitterness and jealousy (because this kind of thing never happens to me) I was able to just enjoy seeing these folks receiving such an awesome surprise. It's hard not to get a little goose-bumpy when you see their reactions.

The folks at WestJet are behind this absolutely brilliant "Christmas Miracle" promotion. A seemingly random flight was chosen to receive all of these goodies (you know folks on other flights were wondering why they weren't chosen). Before they board their flight they have the chance to talk to an interactive Santa Claus, who asks what they want for Christmas. I'm sure they just thought "well that was really neat" and then boarded the flight without giving it another thought. Once they land at their destination, as they wait for their luggage, they are surprised to see a bunch of wrapped presents coming their way - and that's when the good vibes really get flowing.

Folks actually get what they wished for, from something as small as socks and underwear, to something as large as a new TV. By the way, do you think the guy that asked for socks is mad is didn't go for something bigger?

The cynic in me can't help but think about how impractical this is, and that they might have even done it just for the publicity (which they are getting and will continue to get)...but the sappy, sensitive part of me can't help but be moved by the gesture, and the reaction of the passengers. However you feel about it, you can't deny that the coordination and execution on this thing is really impressive.