Each and every day I'm on the air, I always end my broadcast with a reminder for you to "keep wearing that smile because it's contagious, you know."  It's true!  One of my nicknames here at the station is "Smilin' Dave" because I smile a lot to spread a positive vibe to everyone I meet or see.  It's small but it's powerful.  So every day when I drive home and see this face smiling at me, it reminds me to continue doing what I'm doing.  (He may not be smiling, but I like to think he is!)
I applaud  Brewer Farms and whoever decided to make "mulch man" a smiling pile of wood chips!  As I drive by this site and see the smiling mulch man (highway 62 before entering Chandler), I smile every time.  I realize that Brewer Farms is making the same effort I do to put a smile in your day and help you feel a little more positive about your world.

(Dave Westrich)