Now, that’s what we call a bone-a-fide discovery.

State officials say that earlier this week, a flood cleanup crew in Terre Haute, Indiana unearthed a 17-pound bone that they believe once belonged to a prehistoric mastodon.

According to reports, crews in western Indiana discovered the bone along a washed out county road, just south of Terre Haute, while attempting to clean up the flood damage caused by the Wabash River.

The bone is currently being kept at the Vigo County highway department until scientists from the Indiana State Museum can come down and offer more insight into this great find.

However, the likelihood of the discovery being the partial remains of a mastodon is actually better than you might think. In 2009, a group of excavation workers in Central Indiana dug up a collection of Mastodon remains, which was the first significant prehistoric animal to be unearthed in the state.