A 13-year-old boy in Louisiana has been charged with second degree murder following the tragic death of his little sister - Viloude Louis, a  5-year-old who loved to sing and play. The boy admitted to practicing WWE moves on the 5-year-old girl while their mother was at the store.

The girl told her half-brother that her stomach hurt and she went upstairs to brush her teeth. When he checked on her she was lying on the floor with most stomach issues. He then took her downstairs and laid her on the sofa. After that, he noticed she wasn't breathing and called 911. The teen attempted life-saving techniques but the little girl was pronounced dead at the local hospital.

The boy told police that he had been practicing WWE wrestling moves on the child - slamming her on the bed, jumping on her and hitting her with his elbow. He admitted that he understands wrestling is fake which is probably a big reason why police are pursuing a murder charge.

According to Channel 14 WFIE, "After the autopsy, the child's death was classified as a homicide. Her injuries consisted of severe blunt force trauma to the body, multiple internal injuries including broken ribs, lacerations to the liver, and internal bleeding."

After reading the above, I thought the police were crazy to charge a barely-teenager with homicide but after watching the below newscast, I think there might be more to the story.

I am glad I won't have to be on that jury. I can remember my brother stuffing me in a blanket and tickling me until I peed and I also remember playing rough games like "tackle football" with my younger brother who is seven years my junior. Anything could have happened. Young boys don't know their own strength and the screams of their siblings fuels the fire. The news stated that the boy didn't seem remorseful but was excited about his wrestling moves. I guess we'll never know if he has psychopathic tendencies or is just an immature kid who doesn't realize what he's done.