Batten down the hatches! Hurricane Sandy is here, and there is no stopping her. We hope all of you are safe inside your homes, and we encourage you to stay put until the television tells you it's okay. This is no joke, people: Sandy means business.

You may even start to go a little stir crazy beng stuck inside all day, so you need to keep yourself entertained. Here are 10 ways to avoid cabin fever during Frankenstorm:

1.  Come up with your best "Hurricane Sandy Survivor" Halloween costume.

2.  Stick your head out your bedroom window every once in a while and yell, "Weeee!"

3.  Keep track of how long you've been indoors by peeing into a different empty beer bottle every hour

4.  Make a house of cards while blindfolded

5.  Shave your little brother's head and convince him it will save him from the hurricane

6.  Play 'Rock You Like a Hurricane' on repeat

7.  Help your kids make their very own Romney or Obama masks. Then have them reenact each presidential debate.

8.  Perform a dramatic reading of '50 Shades of Grey.'

9.  Bake your very own hurricane-shaped cake.

10. Beer and/or wine.